Marianas Trench “Face The Music” in New York City

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It’s been a crazy journey for Marianas Trench over the last two years.  After releasing their third album, Ever After, they broke into the US market after a sold-out tour with Canadian pop-punkers, Simple Plan.  Shortly following the tour, the album went gold.  Trench continued to tour the US, playing small clubs and outdoor festivals, but had much more success in their native Canada, where they completed two sold-out arena tours.  As the Ever After album cycle comes to a close, Marianas Trench embarked on The Noise Tour Powered by Journey’s Shoes which made it’s way to a sold-out Irving Plaza on Thursday night.

It had been over a year since we last saw Marianas Trench in the Big Apple.  On April 24th, 2012, the band had taken over Santos Party House for the kickoff of their first stateside headlining tour.  However, the show was cut short due to illness.

Despite the imminent threat of severe storms, that didn’t stop die-hard fans from camping outside the venue for hours on end.  Some started queuing at 11 A.M., which has become a regular ritual for Trenchers.  As the line started to stretch around the block, the doors opened and the show began.

Opening acts included DJ Protector, Ghost Town, and Air Dubai.  While Ghost Town had a large fan base within the crowd, their performance seemed much more suited for Warped Tour with their elements of “screamo”, electronic and pop-punk.  Air Dubai were very interesting to watch with their very danceable “hip-pop” style music – comparable to the Bruno Mars/B.o.B “Nothing on You” collab.

 Marianas Trench took the stage with their epic title track, “Ever After”, followed by Masterpiece Theatre and Fix Me hits, “All to Myself” and “Shake Tramp”, respectively.  Genuine smiles filled with surprise could be seen on each band member’s face as the crowd belted out the chorus to the latter, which was their first breakthrough hit.

The show setup was the band’s way of bringing their large-scale arena tour into a small, 1000 persons capacity club in New York City.  Interlude videos played in the background to bring the vision of the fairytale concept of Ever After to life and to tie the different elements of the show together.

One of the most unique characteristics of this band is their exceptional knowledge of the technical side of music, as displayed by their use of harmonies and lack of use of back tracks.  For their performance of “Truth Or Dare”, they showed off their virtuosity by singer Josh Ramsay taking over the drum kit as drummer Ian Casselman took center stage with quad-drums in tow.

The band kept the show pretty fast-paced, getting fans on their feet and dancing with songs such as the swingin’ track, “Stutter” and the very energetic “Cross My Heart”.  Ramsay jumped into the crowd for the hit single “Haven’t Had Enough” and the crowd began to push forward in an attempt to get a closer glimpse of the frontman.

Some of the bone-chilling ballads performed included Beside You, a song that serves as a beacon of hope for many fans.  As Ramsay belted out the lyrics to “Porcelain”, he touched his heart when he saw a flurry of pink paper hearts being held by the crowd.

One of the most intimate and touching moments of the night was the encore, where Ramsay broke out his acoustic guitar for a special performance of  “Lover Dearest”, a love letter he wrote to heroin while he was in rehab when he was seventeen.  The entire band then joined him onstage for their dynamic closing song, “No Place Like Home”.

Before the night ended, Josh had announced the band had recently signed with Cherrytree Records, and that they’ll be back in the States much more regularly. Judging by the momentum Marianas Trench has made in such a short amount of time, with the new representation behind them, the only way they’re going is to the top.


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