Honda Civic Tour Takes Over Camden

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The Honda Civic Tour made its way into Camden, New Jersey as Linkin Park fans from all over the world made their way into the waterfront venue for the band’s LPU Summit. Every year, the band holds what they call a “Linkin Park convention”, allowing fans to meet the band, hang out backstage, hold a jam session with the band’s instruments, and gaining early entry access to venue. Limited passes were sold, but that didn’t stop some fans from waiting all day to secure a front row spot on the barricade. One of these fans was Sal Spurge, a Staten Island native, covered in tattoos commemorating the band, who has been a fan of the band for over a decade. This show would be his 48th time seeing the band, and the threat of not being in the front row, like every show before, did not stop him from waiting in line for hours on end. “We were gonna leave Staten Island earlier, but we got here around 10:30 -11:00,” he said, “I hope they play ‘A Place for My Head’, they’ve had like, three different setlists on this tour so far.”

Once inside, a short set by the special guests, MuteMath, was performed – followed by the tour’s co-headliner, Incubus. The metal-turned-alternative group pleased the crowd with a blend of both their earlier and newest material. With their biggest radio hits, “Drive” and “A Certain Shade of Green”, the arena exploded – singing every word.

After a half hour wait filled with Honda Civic sponsored commercials, Linkin Park’s video diaries, and music videos, the lights dimmed in the venue as the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” rung throughout the arena. Linkin Park took the stage. Superfan Sal got his wish  – they opened with the same song he had hoped for. The band then gunned it, straight into the headbanging “Given Up” and the Transformers hit, “New Divide”.

With Linkin Park’s latest record, “LIVING THINGS” dropped nearly two months ago, so the crowd was no stranger to the new music, and went crazy with the rap-rock track “Victimized” and the Hybrid Theory-reminiscent, “Lies, Greed, Misery”.

While Linkin Park are experts at getting the entire crowd going, they also proved they can take an entire crowd’s breath away. In an unexpected turn of events, thunder and lightning pierced the sky as buckets of rain poured during an piano-based medley was performed of the band’s most popular ballads, including “Leave Out All The Rest”, “Shadow of The Day”, and “Iridescent”.

Following the acoustic performance, the band turned the amps up to 11 with their classic hits, while Mr. Hahn took over the turntables with “Numb” and “In the End”. While closing with “Bleed It Out”, LP brought in a huge surprise for the NYC Tri-State Area fans by bringing in another Beastie Boys’ classic, “Sabotage”, during the song’s bridge. Excited “Oh my God”‘s and jaws hitting the floor could be seen & heard all over the audience. Fans wanted more, and couldn’t wait for the band’s encore. “I feel like when they come back on, they’re going to do something insane,” a member of the audience said. The insane ending left the band’s performance at 100%, but when they came back for their encore, they truly gave the fans the 110% they were waiting for, with live staples “Faint”, “Papercut”, “Lying From You”, and the closer – “One Step Closer”, which was so intense even the security guards got into it and unleashed their inner fan. As Chester put it before leaving the stage, “This is the moment [bands] have always dreamed about.”

In short, Linkin Park’s live show is not one to miss, and when the Honda Civic Tour rolls through your town, you better be there – or you’ll surely regret it!

Photos from this show can be found in our photo gallery.


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