RIP Zach Booher and Taylor Nesseth

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families that have lost a child on this year’s Warped Tour.

Last week, “While We’re Up”, a small band from Arizona that was following the tour to promote their music, got into a car accident, killing their singer and guitarist, Zach Booher. Two other band members were airlifted to a nearby hospital. Following the accident, the band had posted in remembrance of their lost singer on their website.

No one can speak in words the tragedy of losing Zach. He was notonly an amazing musician in While We’re Up, but he was also an irreplaceable friend to countless numbers of people. Hundreds have done so already, but if you have any memories of Zach you would like to share please feel free to do that here or on his personal Facebook page wall.

All of our thoughts go out to the Booher family, as they endure one of the greatest losses of their lives.

Bands on the tour are asking for donations to help the family pay for funeral costs. In addition, anyone who wants to donate directly to the family can do so via While We’re Up’s facebook page.

Unfortunately, that was not the last of this year’s casualties. Yesterday, at the tour’s stop in Toronto, 19- year-old Taylor Nesseth was found passed out during “metalcore” band Chelsea Grin’s set. Reports say many tried to revive her, but there was no luck. The girl was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. It is unclear if her death is heat-related. Before leaving for the show, Taylor had  ecstatically posted on her tumblr page:

 Hey guys! I’m at warped in Toronto today. 

Dear everyone,
Unless you’re meeting the queen of England or some shit, I am not jealous/nor do I care about anything you are doing at this moment.
I’m having the best time of my life and idgaf about anything else but!

Suck it.

Love, Tanaynay.

P.S. My loving, caring and all around awesome self will return tomorrow.

Several musicians have been expressing their sadness for the fans and their families. Chelsea Grin posted on their twitter page, “Our hearts go out to the person who died today. We still don’t know everything that happened but it’s no time for jokes on our page.” Paramore singer Hayley Williams also took to her page, saying “My heart and prayers go out to family and friends of the young girl, Taylor, who passed away at Warped Tour today. #restinpeace“.

Vans Warped Tour has yet to release a statement regarding the events.

Our hearts, prayers, and deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of Zach and Taylor. May they rest in peace.

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Karissa has been a music lover for as long as she can remember - from NSYNC to No Doubt, from Avril Lavigne to Avenged Sevenfold, she has always had a wide variety in her music tastes. After attending NYU's Future Music Moguls program, she started Read Between the Grooves to jumpstart her career in the music industry, as well as showcase her writing and her photography. She currently studies Entertainment and Arts Management at Drexel University.
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