Sacred Gallery’s “Velvet Underground” Art Show

It was a typical Thursday night on Canal Street. Young adults were shopping at the cheap boutiques and street vendors were secretly trying to sell their products. Little did some know that two stories above 424 Broadway, magic was being viewed by many.

The show was held at Sacred Gallery in SoHo, a tattoo parlor which is was converted into an art space for the exhibition. The exhibition highlighte velvet paintings, a medium that was mainly popular during the 1970’s. It was not your typical art gallery, with people dressed for a black tie affair sipping wine and tasting different cheeses. It highlighted a true love for art, dark beauty, and rock n’ roll.

Once you walked into the gallery space, you were greeted by a wall covered in blacklight paintings, which include Darth Vader, a painting entitled “Acid Rock” and a jukebox, amongst others.

Photo Credit to Hilary Wilson

It’s no secret that art and music go hand in hand with one another, and this exhibition definitely showed that. Paintings included a portraits of Ozzy Osbourne by Jerri Lumineri and Ronnie James Dio by John Mesa.

Photo Credit to Hilary Wilson

Some of the artists who’s work was exhibited have a claim to fame. Dear and Departed band member and LA Ink star, Dan Smith’s painting. “In Bloom” was put on display. Artist Cam Rackam, who has commissioned artwork for California based band Avenged Sevenfold also had his “Velvet Yeti” on display. Music and art fans who had attended were given a nice surprise with a visit from Avenged Sevenfold singer, M. Shadows, who had taken the time to take photos and sign autographs. The painting was cast into a white frame which was a work of art itself, with scattered skeleton pieces around the edgings. Rackam, who attended the showcase, said he made it himself.

Velvet Yeti by Cam Rackam // Photo Credit to Hilary Wilson

The Velvet Underground exhibition was definitely a fun experience for all who attended. I highly recommend it for anyone who is in the New York City Metro Area while it’s showing. It just goes to show, that art never dies.


About Karissa Vassallo

Karissa has been a music lover for as long as she can remember - from NSYNC to No Doubt, from Avril Lavigne to Avenged Sevenfold, she has always had a wide variety in her music tastes. After attending NYU's Future Music Moguls program, she started Read Between the Grooves to jumpstart her career in the music industry, as well as showcase her writing and her photography. She currently studies Entertainment and Arts Management at Drexel University.
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One Response to Sacred Gallery’s “Velvet Underground” Art Show

  1. Very cool artwork. I absolutely love oil on velvet paintings. Great work Karissa!

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